Think Like a Saver Thursday- Be Confident

Last week I gave you the first step to thinking like a saver-  identify your goal.  I hope you took the time to sit down and write down your goal for saving money.    Did you put your goal somewhere you can see it?  Have you been thinking about your goal a lot?  I hope so!  Make sure to keep reminding yourself of your goal.  I promise it helps me keep my spending down.

Think like a saver Thursday

The next step to think like a saver is to learn how to be confident in your money saving and goals.  I feel like I’m constantly blogging about being confident spending less and saving more.  It can be hard to be honest with your friends and family about saving money, and before you open up to the world about your money saving habits, you need to make sure you are confident.  If you don’t believe in yourself and your goals, who else will?  This is good advice in general, not just for your money habits.

If you aren’t confident in your money saving habits and goals, then it will be too easy to slip up when temptation hits.  What if a friend wants to meet you out to lunch, but you can’t afford it?  How will you handle that situation if you aren’t confident in your goals to save money?  You can’t be honest with people about your saving habits until you truly confident about them.  I use to be embarrassed to tell people that I’m cheap.  Then I finally realized that I’m not trying to impress other people with my money spending and saving habits, I’m trying to live a comfortable lifestyle spending as little money as possible.  You have to figure out what works for you and forget about what other people think.

This one has taken me a long time to achieve, and I’m constantly working on it.  Don’t expect to become confident in your spending and saving habits overnight, you will probably second guess yourself a lot in the beginning, and that is okay!

Time to recap how to think like a saver:

  1. Identify a goal
  2. Be confident

Next week I’ll talk more about the power of being honest about your money.  I hope these posts are helping you retrain your brain to think like a saver instead of a spender.  Come back next week for the next installment and don’t forget to become a blog follower and/ or follow me on social media.