Mega Bloks House Party

I was so excited to be selected by House Party to be a hostess for the Mega Bloks party.  House Party is one of the word of mouth marketing sites that I recently blogged about.  Anyone can sign up, you don’t have to be a blogger!  Make sure to check it out if you like hosting parties and getting free things in return.  Here is what came in my party pack.

Mega Bloks party

We received a 50 piece Mega Bloks Fast Tracks Raceway, a 100 piece Mega Bloks Fast Tracks Rescue Team and an 80 piece Big Building Bag.  I’ve seen a few House Party parties online and this is by far one of the best party packs I’ve ever seen.  We also got 11 cars and 11 $5 off $20 Mega Bloks purchase coupons, I was able to give one to each guest.  Since I already owned the Big Building Bag I gave that away to one of our guests as a prize and we played with the ones I had on hand.  Overall, I think the guests made out pretty lucky!

Here are some shots from our parties.  We had two, one on Saturday and another during my normal play date time on Tuesday.  Overall I had exactly 11 little guests to share the goodies with.  It worked out perfectly!

Mega Bloks party favors

Mega Bloks party playing with cars

Mega Bloks party ramp

I think the moms had more fun building the tracks than the kids.  The kids definitely had more fun knocking all the blocks down and playing with the cars.

Mega Bloks party moms building

Here was my before shot that took me at least 30 minutes to build before the party started.

Mega Bloks party before picture

Mega Bloks party cars

And it only took Robert about 3o seconds to destroy it.

Mega Bloks party after play

At least we got some pretty good groups shots!

Mega Bloks party group shot Saturday

Mega Bloks party group shot play date

Overall, I think our kiddos were a little too young to appreciate the ramps that came with this set.  They all seemed to love the blocks and the cars though!  The kids in my play group range from 11 – 19 months so they aren’t completely set with their fine motor skills yet.  Even though this isn’t the easiest toy for Robert to play with right now, it is tons of fun for me.  There have been several days where Tom comes home from work to find pretty elaborate towers with ramps in the house.  I know Robert will grow into this toy with time.

Have you ever been chosen for a House Party?  What do you think of Mega Bloks?  I’d love to know what you think!



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