A shopping book that I NEED

I was getting ready for the day and watching the Today Show on Wednesday when a segment about a new book caught my attention.  Sarah Lazarovic is an artist who underwent an experiment of her own to stop shopping for a year at a time.  It worked so well the first time that she did it twice!  She wrote A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy to chronicle her adventures and to share some of the art work that she did during that time.

A bunch of pretty things I did not buy

She still bought necessities like groceries and toiletries, but clothes, shoes and household items were not purchased.  In order to cope with the lack of shopping she illustrated the pretty things that she couldn’t buy.  During the Today Show interview she mentioned some tips to keep from shopping and I was so excited to realize that I do some of them!  She drew her items and suggests that if you don’t want to draw them, you can make a list of them instead.  I always do this and come back to the list later to see if it is something I truly want and need.

Since watching the interview I’ve combed the web to learn as much about Lazarovic as possible and I’ve shared a HuffPost article on my Facebook page.  I have to admit that I became semi obsessed with this lady Wednesday morning and couldn’t stop thinking about her.  I’m now a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest follower of hers.  I wish she had Instagram!

I feel like she gets me.  We would totally be besties.  I’m convinced that she would go thrifting with me at Goodwill and let me borrow her pretty clothes if we wear the same size.  She would be able to reason with me and tell that I don’t need to buy new things when I can use what I have instead.  I’m telling you, we’re meant to be friends.  I’m particularly obsessed with her illustrations.  See them all here.  This one is my favorite:

A bunch of pretty things I did not buy buyerarchy

It makes me wonder if I could go a whole year without buying anything but necessities.  I honestly don’t think I could do it.  And if I did, I’d look even worse than I do now.  I’d be wearing rags every day.  Maybe I’ll attempt this one day.  Even so, I don’t think her intention is to have all women stop buying things in general.  I think she just wants us to be more mindful of what we buy and why we are buying.  I can’t wait to read this book and get some more tips!

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to read the book.  Should I support her like a nice consumer and buy her book?  It would be cheaper on Kindle and I love reading on my Kindle.  Or should I be mega cheap and get it at the library?  Decisions, decisions.  Maybe I’ll put this on my Christmas list.  Tom?  Make note of this!

What about you?  Could you do this?  Or are you already mindful of what you buy and why?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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