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When Tom and I found out we were pregnant, we did what most new parents do, we bought tons of parenting books!  At first they were tons of fun, but it eventually got a little exhausting, and of course, expensive.

Welcome to Troublesome Tots!

A few sleep books later, I found myself on the Troublesome Tots blog.  I can’t believe I wasted so much money on parenting books when this lady has sorted it all out for us.  She blogs about the most current research and influential parenting authors.  The best part is that she includes her research at the bottom of her posts so you can see for yourself what books and authors she is referencing.

With her research we were finally able to get Robert to sleep in his crib and fall asleep without any crying.  Nap time and bedtime are a breeze now and I owe it all to this one blog! We have done a combo of all the prevalent sleep fads and ended up doing a little bit of the Ferber Method (a.k.a. Cry It Out), but since we had strong bonds through Dr. Sears’ attachment parenting techniques we didn’t have to let him cry long at all before he learned to self sooth and fall asleep on his own.  Let me also say that before reading this blog, I thought we would never teach Robert how to self sooth.  We had some rough nights!  I don’t want anyone to think I am saying that sleep training was a walk in the park, because is wasn’t!

Just in case you are curious, these are the books we bought and what I thought of them.  Sorry, VIP Bestie,  I know this must be an extremely boring post for you, come back to it once you have your babies!

Let’s start with the “Don’t Waste Your Money On These” list.  Scroll to the end for the ones that I would buy again and again.


The Happiest Baby on the Block & Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep- Both by Dr. Harvey Karp


These were awesome books!  The Happiest Baby on the Block was the first book I read and I loved it.  But in hindsight, I could have been fine without it and survived just by reading info from Dr. Karp’s website.  He goes over everything on his website and many blogs include his info.  I wouldn’t spend money on it again.  Same goes for his Guide to Great Sleep.

On Becoming Baby Wise- by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

Babywise-640-webI can’t say enough bad things about this book.  While I was reading it, I loved it.  It made parenting sound easy.  There are some amazing ideas for scheduling your child.  I tried and it failed.  Scheduling feedings felt wrong and I fully believe that it made my milk supply fall.  This book made breastfeeding harder for me and I had to breastfeed nonstop for a while to regain my milk supply.  Some people swear by this book.  I know many parents who think it is the bible of childrearing.  I know it works for some people, but it didn’t work for me.  It was a complete waste of money, even if it had worked for me, because there are so many blogs about Babywise moms.  Check out this great Babywise blog, Chronicles of a Babywise mom, so much good info if you decide to look into Babywise.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution- by Elizabeth Pantley

0071381392This is another one that gives ALL the important information on it’s website.  I had scoured this website for info and finally bought the booking thinking it would give me more advice, but it was a fail.  Google the info and check out the website.  Don’t waste the money on the book.  However, I will say that she has some great information and this is covered in the Troublesome Tots website.  I love a lot of the advice here, I just wouldn’t recommend buying the book.

The Dr. Sears Books- a.k.a. The Attachment Parenting books- by Dr. William Sears

ask-dr-sears-logo1This is another one that I loved!  I did enjoy reading these books, however, all the info I read was a repeat of the info found on his website.  Save the money and play around on his website.  He has great information.  I consider myself an attachment parent and was sad to have to resort to the Ferber method to get Robert to sleep.  Aside from his sleep ideas, I love everything this man has to say.

Here are the books I would buy again and again:

When I did buy these books I used my own advice and got them super cheap by following these simple rules for cheap/ free books.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with my little book reviews.  The main point here is that I wish I had used free information from blogs and websites instead of wasting money on these books.

****Please be careful when reading parenting blogs/ message boards.  Remember that anyone can post anything on the internet and many times there are BAD suggestions out there.  Always make sure to follow advice that is properly researched.