DIY Computer Artwork

DIY Computer Artwork

Several of my friends have started talking about Christmas presents.  I talked to VIP Bestie today and she was working on her Christmas list.  Last week I was emailing with my BFF Pen Pal and she was fretting over how to afford gifts for her entire family.  It got me thinking about some easy DIY gifts.

I made all of these prints for Robert’s nursery while I was pregnant.  Here are some cheap and easy ways to make some Etsy-like artwork without spending much money.

Word Clouds

Word CloudThis word cloud was made from a website called Tagxedo.  Click on the “create” button once you get to the site and you can copy and paste any words you want into the cloud.  Then you pick your shape, color scheme and word orientation.  The word cloud shown contains the lyrics from “Under the Sea”.  If you are really lazy you can even link the cloud to a certain website and it will include the words from the website.  It is tons of fun.  I printed these out on regular computer paper, but I am sure it would look better on photo quality paper.

I made one of these for a wedding present.  I included the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the wedding city.  All the words were in the shape of a heart and in the wedding colors.  The possibilities for this are endless!  These would make great baby shower presents too.


DIY Silhouette printI posted a complete guide to these prints in a previous post.  Check it out for details.

Canvas Prints

DIY Canvas PrintI found this print on Pinterest, took a screenshot of it and printed it out on photo paper to make this canvas print.  Here is the complete tutorial for canvas prints.

Meaningful Maps

DIY Map Art work
This map was made from a website called Stamen.  You can pick any city and zoom in to a specific location.  You have a choice between watercolor (shown), terrain and toner.  The last two look like real maps, while the first one looks like art.  I have yet to print out one of these and frame it, but I plan to make one for my hubby for Christmas.  I have the following cities saved:  Jackson, MS- where we met, St. Pete Beach, FL- where we married, and Fort Myers, FL- where Robert was born.  The plan is to print each of them out in a 5 x 7 and put them in a vertical 3 picture frame.  The only cost will be the frame.
I’m thinking this would also make a great wedding present.  With a little photoshop magic you could add a heart over the location of the wedding.  I love the endless possibilities with this site.
Any other good websites I should know about?
Don’t be afraid to try computer artwork.  You don’t have to be artistic to print something off and frame it.  Oh, and don’t have a printer?  Don’t forget that the local library can usually print in color too.  You wouldn’t be able to use photo paper, but regular paper looks just fine once it is framed.

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