Tips to save money on fruit and vegetables

Tips to save money on fruit and vegetables

Looking for ways to save money on fruit and vegetables?  Who isn’t?  Fresh food can cost a pretty penny, especially if you feel the need to only buy organic.   When I first started couponing I had a hard time finding ways to save money on fruit and veggies.  Three years of living on a shoestring and I’ve finally come up with a good list of advice.  Follow these tips to help cut down on your fruit and veggie costs.

Tips to save money on fruits and vegetables

  • Check out local vegetable stands and farmers markets.  This is my favorite tip to save money on fruit and vegetables. Local farmers want to move their product and would rather sell at a low price than not sell at all.  Robert and I went to the farmers market with some friends a few weekends ago and we split a big crate of strawberries since it was cheaper to buy them in bulk, which leads me to the next one…
  • Buy in bulk whenever possible.  If you are worried that the produce will go bad before you use it all, halve it with a friend or freeze half of it.  Freezing produce is one of the biggest ways I save money on fruit and vegetables.
  • Buy frozen fruits and vegetables.  I never waste fresh fruit for our oatmeal, pancakes, or yogurt unless I have extra on hand.  I try to use frozen and defrost the fruit for 30 seconds in the microwave and it is ready to go.  I don’t like frozen fruit for snacking, but it works perfectly for mixing into things.  We also found that it works well as a substitute for jelly.
  • Only buy organic for the dirty dozen:  apples, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, hot peppers, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, spinach, strawberries and bell peppers.  I haven’t had the extra cash to buy all of this organic.  I usually just get my leafy greens organic and risk the rest.
  • Do a cost analysis.  Still think you can’t save money on fruit and vegetables?  Think again, sometimes we assume that processed snacks are cheaper than fruits and veggies.  In my experience, the processed stuff can be more expensive.  Break it down by serving and see how much you are spending.  Chips are up to $4 and even $5 a bag, and I know I can go through a bag in one afternoon.  Bananas are as low as 19 cents each.  It CAN be cheaper to buy healthy foods, I promise!

farmers market tomatoes

What tips am I missing for saving money on fruits and vegetables?  Please leave a comment and don’t forget to follow the blog if you like what you see.



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