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Money in wallet

Confession: Money Actually Does Buy Me Happiness

I tend to talk a big talk when I say things like, “Money can’t buy you happiness”, and “The best things in life are free”.  I even gained thousands of new Instagram followers after writing a post about how my mom always told me we were “rich in love”. All of those mantras are true….

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chalk easter eggs

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids

I love dyeing Easter eggs. It’s a tradition that I won’t mess with. Good Friday is our day to sit down as a family and dye a dozen boiled eggs. The weeks leading up to that, the kids still love to decorate eggs. Since I don’t want to decorate dozens of boiled eggs each week,…

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Delicious healthy green smoothie recipe for St. Patrick's day

Healthy Green Smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day

It seems like my kids have gotten every single illness they can get this cold and flu season. In order to boost our immunities, I’m cracking down on the amount of sugar I let my kids eat. That means no Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s this St. Patrick’s Day! Instead, we have been indulging in this…

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