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DIY Christmas ornament from Disney World celebration button

How to Turn Disney Buttons into DIY Christmas Ornaments

As a minimalist and a cheapskate, buying souvenirs isn’t something I do often. That’s why I love making DIY Christmas ornaments from free things obtained during our travels. For years, I would justify buying Christmas ornaments at Disney because they are souvenirs that don’t turn into clutter. Then I realized how easy it is to…

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how to save money when traveling over the holidays

How to Save Money Traveling During the Holidays

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. If you plan ahead and follow a few simple tricks, you’ll find that holiday travel costs about the same, if not less, than traveling during other times of the year. The reason traveling during the holidays is so expensive is simple:  supply and demand. Since most people…

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cheap Halloween costume ideas

The Ultimate List of Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you get excited about Halloween, only to get overwhelmed by the cost of Halloween costumes? I’ve been there! By the time you buy candy and decorations, there isn’t much money left to spend on costumes. Instead of spending hours trying to search for the perfect affordable Halloween costumes, check out my tips on where…

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