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easiest ever cranberry margarita

Easy Christmas Cocktail- Cranberry Margarita Recipe

Looking for a holiday drink that isn’t overdone? Then you’ve come to the right place. Jazz up your holiday cocktail party with this cranberry margarita recipe. A Christmas margarita is exactly the cocktail you need to add to your next holiday party cocktail menu. A holiday cocktail with tequila? When it comes to holiday cocktails…

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How to order a Thanksgiving delivery meal

Recipes to use your Thanksgiving leftovers

You only have a few days to make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers! Once you get tired of the same old Thanksgiving dishes. Try these recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers. That’s right, there are tons of creative ways to use up those Thanksgiving dishes when you get tired of eating turkey and stuffing. Reduce…

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How to get started with zero based budgeting 101

6 Tips to Succeed with Zero-Based Budgeting

If you haven’t heard of zero-based budgeting, the concept may sound a little terrifying. In fact, it kind of goes against the conventional wisdom of spending less than you make. But as you learn more, you’ll see that this kind of budgeting does carry wisdom and it may just be the budget style you want and need….

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