There are some things in life that are worth a splurge. For me, it’s always been good food, vacations, and make-up. I recently found out that a good photographer is also worth the splurge. With so many photographers out there to choose from, how can you make sure you’re choosing one that is worth your money?

Photographers aren’t cheap. And they shouldn’t be.  They spend a lot of time taking pictures, and even more time sorting and editing them. So when it comes to parting with your hard earned cash for a photo session, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best photographer for you. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Kristin, from Kristin Moore Photo to give you 3 tips for choosing a photographer.

Naples friends, Kristin will be back in town October 23rd through 26th and has a few sessions open. Make sure to contact her if you are interested!

Kristin just oozes talent. She’s so much more than your run of the mill portrait photographer, she’s a true artist.  I love these pictures she took of me and my boys.


She even took some amazing photos of me with my mom shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. I’ll always treasure these moments that she captured.

Hannah kissing mom during cancer treatments

So how do you choose a photographer that will produce photos that you will treasure forever?

Follow these 3 tips for choosing a photographer and you’ll be sure to get images that you will love!

3 Tips for Choosing a Photographer

1. Know the style you want and find a photographer who’s work you connect with.

Do your homework. Set up a Pinterest board full of styles you like. Then make sure to find a photographer in your area that takes the kind of pictures you want. Do you want posed family portraits with everyone looking at the camera and smiling? Do you want documentary style images that tell a story? Do you want lifestyle images that are a mix of both? Do you want your photos to be taken indoors? Outdoors?

In addition to the different types of photographers, every photographer also has different editing styles. Some like their images filled with emotion and contrast, while others prefer bright sunny photos. Familiarize yourself with the overall feel of a photographers work, spend time looking through their galleries, and decide on someone whose work you feel a connection.

2. Find someone who’s personality you seem to connect with.

It’s okay to hold an interview. Call a few photographers and find the best fit.

Based on everything you know about the photographer, are they someone you’d want to be friends with? When your photographer is someone who you like, then you will be more comfortable in front of his or her camera and he/she will be able to capture authentic images of you and your family. If you are looking for a wedding photographer – this person will be by your side all day long, so you really want to feel comfortable with that person. Or if you are having photographs with children, make sure that your photographer has worked with kids before and showcases a lot of images of them so you can go into a photoshoot with confidence know that your photographer will be patient when your 2-year old has an inevitable meltdown, and can make beautiful images even when the baby won’t look at the camera, or the oldest is unhappy with their outfit.

3. Know what’s included in their packages

Some photographers charge a session fee which is only for their time shooting, and then you would have to order prints or digital files afterwards. Some photographers offer packages which include the photo time AND the digital downloads with a full print release, so you can print however and wherever you want. Some offer the session time and prints, but then you’d have to buy the digital files if you wanted any more prints. The combinations and add-ons are really infinite – so know what you want and find someone who offers that at a rate that works for your budget!

Check out some of these amazing pictures by Kristin: