Happy Friday! It’s time for another edition of Food Waste Friday. Every Friday I link up with The Frugal Girl and/ or Simply Being Mum for Food Waste Friday. I’ve been environmentally conscious about food waste since I was in college and this is a great way for me to keep tabs on what we waste in our house.

food waste friday
It always throws me off when our Food Waste Friday posts are short.  I’m trying desperately to clear out my pantry before the new baby gets here (only 23 more days till the due date), and had a mini fiscal fast.  The only problem with this fiscal fast is that I didn’t spend less money at the grocery store.   Hmmmm.  Even so, we cleared out some space in the pantry and that made me feel good.

Here is how we did this week:

Food Waste Successes

1. Broccoli stalks in soup

Boxed dried soup is one of my favorite things to stock up on at Home Goods and T.J. Maxx.  I can usually find them on clearance and get a great deal for less than $2.  I found a 13 bean soup mix in my pantry and figured it was time to use that.  I was even able to freeze half of it for when the new baby arrives!

FWF broccoli

Since I had broccoli stalk left over from a dish earlier in the week, I decided to cut it up and simmer it with the beans instead of adding meat.  Not only was I able to minimize my food waste, I was able to cut down on food costs by making a meat free meal.

Food Waste Losses

2. berry “cupcakes”

fwf muffin

I’m working on developing a recipe with frozen wild blueberries.  I had high hopes of making a vegan blueberry breakfast muffin from scratch.  It didn’t work out.  Robert ate a couple of them and then decided he didn’t like them.  I didn’t really like them either.  I tried to hold onto them and make myself eat them, but they’ve been sitting in the fridge for far too long now.

While I love doing recipes for my blog, wasting the failures is always hard for me.  Rest assured, I’m on my way to coming up with a great wild blueberry recipe!

3. another moldy strawberry

Strawberry FWF

This must be week 4 of moldy strawberries!  That is the worse part of strawberry season.  They are so cheap and we have so many of them that one moldy fruit always gets into our house.

How did you do this week?