If you are looking for a fun activity in Orlando that isn’t a theme park, then you’ll love The Crayola Experience. The indoor play area is perfect for a day off from the parks, a rainy day activity in Orlando, or even a fun way to entertain the kids before dinner.

The largest crayon in the world at The Crayola Experience in Orlando, FL

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Budget Friendly Travel: The Crayola Experience in Orlando

The Crayola Experience in Orlando has got to be one of the most under rated activities for kids in central Florida. I’m constantly telling friends and family about how much fun it is and people rarely know it’s there. Located in the Florida Mall, it’s in a central location making it an easy drive for anyone visiting the Orlando area. I’m not kidding when I say that my 4 year old has told me he likes “Crayon World” more than Disney.

It’s perfect for a Central Florida staycation too! Get more staycation ideas here.

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Expect to spend about 3-4 hours exploring The Crayola Experience. It’s a great indoor activity for when it rains, gets too hot, or gets too cold. It’s also the perfect outing for days where you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks.

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Affordable Fun in Orlando

My favorite part about The Crayola Experience is that it is very affordable. Tickets are $22.99, but with my link you can get the tickets for $16.99.

Buy Tickets: The Crayola Experience in Orlando

Even better, you can get a family annual pass for 4 for only $99.99. Or pay individually for only $29.99.

Here are some other great admission deals for The Crayola Experience:

  • Get 50% off your entry when you visit after 5 pm
  • Educators get in for free until 5/26/18 with with an ID or pay stub. Family members get in for 25% off on Saturdays.
  • Same offer is for first responders until 5/27/18
  • FREE on your birthday within 7 days and with ID/ birth certificate

Tons of Activities

Now that you know all the great deals, you need to know why we love it.

We are huge fans because The Crayola Experience is hands on and extremely interactive. I like to compare it to a children’s museum or a science museum, but Crayola themed. The attraction boasts 70,000 square feet of fun with 26 different activities.

Play Zones

There are two different play areas for kids to expend all their energy. There is a small toddler area and a larger area for bigger kids over 4.

Family Activities in Orlando- play area in The Crayola Experience

You can also play in scribble square where kids can play with chalk and dry erase.

Family Activities in Orlando- Jackson enjoying the chalk area at The Crayola Experience

Hands on Crafts

The crafts are my favorite. Your admission includes 2 tokens that are worth 50 cents. Each token can buy you a personalized crayon, a marker, or a pack of model magic. You can buy more tokens if you want them, but you really don’t need them. Adults get tokens too, so when we go, we let our kids have our tokens so they each get a chance to make 4 things. They really love making their own personalized crayons!

Robert making crayons at The Crayola Experience in Orlando

Not every activity requires a token though. You can do drip art and melt and mold as much as you’d like for no extra cost. My boys are big fans of the drip art.

The Crayola Experience 2018-2

Pro Tip: Visit during the weekday or late in the afternoon to avoid the crowd. This way your kids will be able to make as much as they want without waiting in a long line.


The Crayola Experience has a snack bar and a cafe. We bought a soft pretzel from the snack bar once and it was standard snack bar quality.

Crayola Experience dining room

My suggestion would be to have fun with the kids before dinner and then eat at one of the many restaurants in the mall. There is a food court and a few good sit down places too.

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The next time you are in Orlando, make sure to stop by The Crayola Experience and have a colorful time. We’ve been several times and love that there is always something new like a new craft or exhibit. We never get bored!

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What is your favorite activity in Orlando? 

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