Mint to Be How to Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

If you know me at all, you know that I have a thing for plants. I legit want to be a plant lady. That’s why I’m loving my new easy indoor hanging herb garden. Two small hanging planters strategically placed around my kitchen have turned into my indoor herb garden.

I Love Plants, Especially Herbs

If my kids didn’t take up so much time, I’d have a full fledged garden. Or at least a more manicured front yard. While I don’t have time to plant a vegetable garden or make my front yard look great, I do have time for herbs.

I prefer to grow my own herbs instead of buying them when I need them because it’s so much cheaper to have them on hand. This also wastes way less! I hate having too many herbs left over because let’s be real, I never remember to freeze them like all the other savvy cheap people in the world.

Indoor hanging herb garden

I have this theory that if you don’t have time for herbs, then you shouldn’t have plants. After all, if you can’t take care of an edible plant that yields so much in return, how can you be trusted to keep a purely ornamental plant alive?

Tips for Keeping an Indoor Herb Garden Alive

What if you really do have a hard time keeping herbs alive? Can you learn how to keep herbs from dying?

Yes, my friend, you can.

Gardening, like most skills, is something that you can learn and get better with time. Check out some of my favorite budget gardening tips by reading this post.

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I have a few tips that can help your indoor herb garden succeed:

Practice Companion Gardening:  Grow herbs that need similar amounts of sun and water together. Not sure which ones go well together? Read this post with some herb gardening basics.

Give Herbs Ample Sunlight:  Indoor herb gardens need less water than if they were outside, but still need lots of sun. Place them near ample sunlight.

Provide the Right Temperature:  Herbs thrive indoors in temperatures near 70 degrees.

Use Pots with Good Drainage:  This is the best tip for all plants. Don’t put any plant in a pot without drainage. At the same time, don’t use a pot with good drainage, but no saucer. For hanging plants it is best to use plastic pots in the hanging planters. This allows the plants to dry out between watering.

Select the Right Soil: High quality soil with good nutrients is a must. This is not the time to use cheap dirt from a dollar store. If you know me well, you know that I use my own compost from my Naples Compost company.

Love Your Plants:  At then risk of sounding like a crazy person, I’m going to tell you to love your plants. That’s right. Give them some love, talk to them. It sounds insane, but research shows that people who tend to their plants lovingly have better plants.

Hanging herb garden in kitchen-2

How to Make Your Own Easy Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

I opted for a hanging herb garden for two reasons: one being that I didn’t want to lose any counter space, and two my plants can get better sun in hanging areas.

I was so excited about my hanging herb garden that I forgot to figure out where I was going to hang my plants before I bought my planters from Wayfair! You probably know by now that I have a slight obsession with all things Wayfair, pots not excluded.

Even though I mentioned above that you need to use the right kind of pots, you can actually buy whatever pots you want, as long as they are pretty. Just make sure the inner pot inside has holes for drainage. Do not  pot your plants directly into the pretty hanging pot!

My planters arrived and I finally realized that my ceilings are way too high to hang plants. I mean, way too high. As always I figured out a backup plan.

Turns out, you can hang planters from anywhere! I hung one of mine from a hook that once held our curtain rod, and the other on a key ring holder.

Hanging herb garden in kitchen

Sure, it’s not traditional, but I love it. It’s so totally me, and doesn’t feel out of place at all.

Hanging herb garden in kitchen-7

Here are a few more ideas for how to incorporate a hanging herb garden into your home:

  • Hang from fun shaped knobs in a pattern on a blank wall
  • Suction them to a window
  • Build a planter wall out of steel mesh or old pallets
  • Hang straight from the ceiling
  • Use magnet boards on your wall and attach magnets to light plastic pots

Which Herbs Are the Best to Grow Indoors?

So you put together all the effort to learn how to grow herbs, and how to hang them indoors. The next step is to make sure you buy the best plants to grow in your indoor herb garden.

Here are some of the best herbs that grow indoors:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary

Even though Rosemary grows well indoors, I like to keep mine outdoors. It does so well in the sun, that I like it to soak up all the rays and add an ornamental touch to my outdoor garden.

Shop my Pots!

I bought these hanging pots from Wayfair:

Hepburn Terracotta Hanging Planter for $23.97

Farrington Gurney 2-Piece Hanging Planter Set for $43.99

Get more indoor gardening inspiration at Wayfair here.

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