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If you are searching for an easy smoothie recipe then you will love this recipe that reduces food waste. This simple method to make easy healthy smoothies not only helps you combat food waste, it helps you live a healthier lifestyle!

easy smoothie recipe

We are huge fans of smoothies in this house, even green smoothies. My kids will down a green smoothie without complaining, probably because our green smoothies are still ridiculously sweet and delicious. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a green smoothie taste delicious, then you will love my hacks!

How to make a smoothie without following a recipe

If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I love to cook, but I hate recipes. I’ll make a recipe every now and then to help my fellow food lovers, but when it comes down to it, I prefer to share methods like this one.

How to make a smoothie without a recipe. Easy smoothie recipe. Strawberry smoothie.

Why do I hate recipes so much? Mostly, it comes down to time! If I can follow a simple method like this one, it saves me a ton of time looking up a recipe and measuring everything out perfectly. 

When I first started using my Vitamix, I was very careful to follow recipes because I didn’t want to mess up my new, fancy blender. Now that I’ve been playing around with a Vitamix for a while, I know the hacks to creating a healthy smoothie with food we have on hand so we can avoid food waste.

What are those hacks?

  • Put easy to blend food in first, like bananas and other fruits and vegetable that are not frozen
  • Add leafy greens and grains next
  • Follow with frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Put a heaping spoonful of yogurt on top of frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Top with a handful of ice
  • Add in juice or kefir to the halfway mark, then fill up with cold water to the bottom edge of the ice
  • BLEND!

This simple method gives us a great tasting smoothie every time, no matter what food we have on hand.

Watch this YouTube video to see exactly how we make our smoothies that decrease food waste.


How to reduce food waste with a smoothie

One of my favorite ways to reduce food waste is to keep all sorts of odds and ends just for smoothies. Lettuce going bad? Pop it in the freezer for a smoothie. Don’t want to eat the tops of a strawberry? No problem, throw it into your smoothie! There are all sorts of crazy things you can add to your smoothie to reduce food waste.

Here are a few ideas to help you reduce food waste with your next smoothie:

  • After juicing a lemon or a lime, remove the rind, compost it, and freeze the pulp for your next smoothie.
  • Feeling adventurous? Toss some of the peel in too! Make sure to wash it first.
  • Save the tops of strawberries to get more nutrients.
  • Freeze lettuce and spinach once it starts to wilt.
  • Don’t throw away the last of your herbs, freeze them and add them to your smoothie for a different flavor.
  • Freeze browning avocados. Once it’s in the blender, you won’t know that it’s not bright green anymore!
  • Only using the egg yolk for a recipe? Save the egg white for your smoothie.
  • Have a little extra tofu? Don’t toss it, save it for your smoothie. Freeze it if you need to.

How to make the best easy smoothie recipe

I know I’m a budget friendly blogger, but I’m a huge fan of spending more money to get a quality blender. It’s why the only blender I recommend is a Vitamix. With Vitamix, the blender is so powerful that there are absolutely no chunks.

Reduce food waste with strawberry smoothie in a Vitamix-3

When you are blending strange things like a citrus peal and strawberry tops, you don’t want chucks. Believe me, I’ve done it. It’s gross. The only way to get a really good blend is to use a high quality blender like the Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Blender.

Head here to learn more about Vitamix!

Reduce food waste with strawberry smoothie in a Vitamix-1

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