This post covers two weeks of food waste and accounts for the waste of my holiday visitors.  I thought it would be way worse than this and I’m pretty proud that we kept our waste to a minimum.  It’s taken me years to figure out the right amount to buy for my visiting family and I think I finally got it right! 
food waste friday

Every Friday I link up with The Frugal Girl and/ or Simply Being Mum for Food Waste Friday. I’ve been environmentally conscious about food waste since I was in college and this is a great way for me to keep tabs on what we waste in our house.

Here is how we did:



fwf clementines

The same day I bought a 5 pound bag of clementines, my MIL brought us another 5 pound bag.  Even after giving tons away at a play date, we still had too many and some of them spoiled.  I wish I had found them before hand so I could have preserved them in honey for tea.  I guess throwing 4 clementines away out of 10 pounds isn’t that bad.



I’m not positive we threw away a bagel, but I know someone burnt one while family was in town and it may have ended up in the trash.  I’ll count it just in case.


Didn’t throw away bread!

I almost threw out some French bread and then Tom reminded me to make them into bread crumbs.  Duh.  How could I have forgotten about that.  I’ll blame pregnancy brain.  I’m super impressed that they hubby is on board with my food waste Friday challenges and helped me figure out this one.


Moldy tamales

fwf tamales

I only had two left and was really craving them only to find out that they were moldy.  They came in a 6 pack from Trader Joe’s and I’m sure they were in the fridge way too long.  I definitely forgot about them until I remembered FWF was coming up.



Ate LOTS of leftovers

We had leftover BBQ for days!  We also ate a ham and cheese quiche to use up the leftover ham.  Holiday leftovers make me oh so happy because I don’t have to put much effort into dinner planning.

How did you do this week? Please share here and/or link up with the blogs above.