I’ve finally done it. I’ve managed to convince all three kids to give out the same eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates. It’s almost too good to be true.

A few weeks ago I decided that I’d encourage the kids to give candy-free and eco-friendly Valentines this year. We’ve been cutting down on our sugar intake at home, and we’ve always been an environmentally conscience. Why not share those values with other kids on Valentine’s Day?

A quick Google search for “eco-friendly Valentine’s for kids” quickly led me to seed paper hearts. This is the perfect eco-friendly Valentine to exchange at school. It’s inexpensive, adorable, and unique. My boys are pumped to pass these out on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day printables seed paper

Print the Valentine’s Cards for Seed Paper Hearts

I sure to love a free printable that is easy to print and easy to cut. This one is simple.

Click here to open the PDF file—–> FREE PRINTABLE

Print on card stock for added toughness. You can see my favorite brand here.

Simply cut them out or use a one of these to cut them quickly and evenly.

Attach the seed paper hearts with a dollop of glue or tape.

Easy peasy, right?

The printable looks just like this:

seed paper valentines

Where to buy seed paper hearts

I bought these seed paper hearts on Amazon.

Mine were under $20 for 100, but there are so many different options and prices.

This is the one I suggest. You can also get other shapes! Check them out below.


How do you plant the embedded paper seeds?

I included some instructions on the printable seed heart Valentine’s Day printable so recipients (and their parents) will know how to plant the seed paper.

seed paper valentine instruction for planted embedded seed paper

Instructions for Planting Seed Paper:

  • Soak paper in water overnight
  • Tear up and plant under a thin layer of soil
  • Water daily until seeds germinate- about 3 weeks

seed paper valentines

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seed paper valentines

Valentine's Day seed paper printables