i love cheap wine

Happy Friday!  I just got back from my vacation and it is nice to be back in the swing of things with the blog.  I’ll take this weekend to rest and get back into blogging regularly next week.  I’m totally obsessed with Murphy-Goode right now.  While on vacation I drank it at two different restaurants and picked up a bottle to share at a friend’s house.

This post is a little delayed, I enjoyed this Murphy-Goode Cabernet Sauvignon on my birthday and it was an exciting wine to drink because the winery started the same year I was born:  1985.  I consider this wine to be a mid-range wine instead of a cheap wine.  It sold for $12.99, but I consider that a steal since the local wine bar sells the same wine for $12 a glass ($9 in Alabama)!

Murphy Goode cabernet sauvignon

If you ever find a wine you love at a wine bar or restaurant, try to find the bottle at a discount liquor store and you can save tons of money.  Bars and restaurants mark up alcohol at 3-4 times their retail value.

Wine- Murphy-Goode Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Store- Oakes Farm (an independent local grocer), you should be able to find this at most liquor and grocery stores

Region- California

Price- $12.99

Alcohol content- 13.5%

Tasting notes- Everything about this Murphy-Goode Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect, from the smoky/ cherry nose to the smooth, but not over lingering, finish.  It is a bold, hearty,  and full-bodied wine with an oaky and cocoa taste mixed with cherry and blackberry.  If you like full-bodies and bold cabs, this is the wine for you.

Pairing ideas- Whenever I have a big, bold cab, I immediately want to pair it with fatty meat such as burgers or a well marbled steak.  The label on this wine says that is pairs well with burgers and beef Wellington and I’m sure it does.  We did not pair this well and ate it with take out from Bonefish.  I paired it with bang bang shrimp and scallops.  Even though it wasn’t a perfect pairing, it still tasted pretty damn good!

Final verdict- 5/5 stars! Even though this isn’t considered a cheap wine, it is still a great deal at $12.99.  I would definitely consider it to be a budget friendly wine and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their wine budget.