It seems like my kids have gotten every single illness they can get this cold and flu season. In order to boost our immunities, I’m cracking down on the amount of sugar I let my kids eat. That means no Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s this St. Patrick’s Day! Instead, we have been indulging in this healthy green smoothie that has no added sugar.

Delicious healthy green smoothie recipe for St. Patrick's day

Pineapple and pineapple juice combined with spinach and matcha powder is all you need to make this St. Patrick’s Day smoothie sweet as can be.

Recipes don’t mean much to me unless they are accompanied by a memory. Isn’t that the way food should be? I  A good friend of mine made a similar recipe for me on St. Patrick’s Day a few years ago and it always brings back good memories.

The Ingredients You Need for a St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Pineapple chunks in juice

For this recipe, I like to use canned pineapple chunks.

Sure, we have deliciously fresh pineapple here in Florida. However, I love that the canned pineapple has the perfect amount of pineapple and juice for this recipe at such a better price.

shamrock smoothie ingredients


I like to add 1-2 cups of spinach. This is where you will get the beautiful green color of your smoothie.


I know, it sounds strange to add matcha to spinach and pineapple. I like to add it because it adds a little energy boost for this constantly tired mama. Don’t want the extra energy for the kids? Leave it out!

A Quick Blend and You’ve got Yourself a Green Smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day!

shamrock smoothie ingredients in blender

I always use my Vitamix when blending smoothies. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be too cheap for high end appliances like this, but I’m not. I believe you get what you pay for, and that the cheap comes out expensive. For that reason, I always invest in high quality kitchen appliances like Vitamix. My secret for a good deal is to always buy them refurbished. You can get a refurbished Vitamix on Amazon for way less than a new one!

Healthy Green Smoothie for St. Patrick's Day

This green smoothie is a healthy alternative to a Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick's Day. It's a delicious way to celebrate. Pineapple, spinach, and matcha make it a healthy and sweet treat. 
Servings 2


  • 1 20 oz can Pineapple chunks in juice
  • 2 C. Fresh spinach
  • 6 Ice cubes
  • 1 tbsp Matcha powder


  • Add the pineapple and juice to blender first, followed by spinach, ice and matcha powder. Blend until smooth. Make 2 large smoothies or 4 small ones. 

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St. Patrick's Day Healthy Green Smoothie recipe

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