how nosy are you about spending habits

Tell me, what do you like to know about other people’s spending habits?

I’m interested because a reader (and friend) commented on the link to last week’s budget recap on Facebook. Here is what Kristyn asked:

So where do you account for gas and toiletries, etc.? What does hubby spend?Just wondering what your true total is for spending each week, we are working on lowering ours and I’m curious what other people can do.

It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits

For over a year, I’ve only been accounting for my “weekly mom budget” in my What I Spent Wednesday posts. I gave myself a budget of $150 because that is what worked for us a year ago. If you follow those posts you see that I rarely stick to $150, I tend to go as high as $170-$200 each week. My “weekly mom budget” covers groceries, clothes for me and the kids, and anything I do with the kids (like visiting an indoor bounce place or museum).

Here is my question for you: are you actually interested in seeing what our entire family spends each week? Do you want to see how much we put towards savings, retirement, and debt? Do you even want to know the boring stuff like gas and utilities?

I ask because it takes a lot of time to look through our credit card statement, online bank account, and my personal PayPal account. However, if it’s something that you think you’d like to see, I’ll do it. Just how nosy are you?

I’m pretty nosy. I think the main reason I love to blog is because I love being nosy and reading all about other blogger’s lives. I certainly don’t mind sharing, but I don’t want to spend a ton of time doing this if no one is reading it. I’ll be honest, my Wednesday and Friday posts get the least amount of views. I’m not super motivated to put much into them if they aren’t helping people.

That being said, I think I do have a helpful tip that might help you save money. It worked for me this week:

Always, ALWAYS, call/ email/ live chat with companies to ask for a lower price.

[bctt tweet=”Always, ALWAYS, call/ email/ live chat with companies to ask for a lower price. #SaveMoney “]

I did this with our cable company and Bluehost (my blog hosting service/ affiliate link) this week. We now pay $99 for internet and cable as opposed to over $200. My web hosting fee with Bluehost went down from $10.99 a month to $4.99! Yay!

Here is a little known fact about Bluehost– the advertised rate of $3.99 a month is only for an introductory period. Crazy, right? Luckily, Bluehost has amazing customer service and they will help you lower your bill once the introductory rate is over.

What I Spent Wednesday

Now, onto my spending this week:

Walmart: $46.85

Chickfila: $6.47

Starbucks reload: $10

Walmart: $24.41

Publix: $111.71

Trader Joe’s: $56.31

The Fresh Market: $24.76

Total: $280.51

This is an atypical week because of the Walmart shopping. All of my purchases there went towards a sponsored post about my herb garden. Forty of it was already reimbursed, and I will get paid for that post. The purchase at Fresh Market was a meal and snacks for a friend who had a new baby.

Obviously I didn’t need the Starbucks or Chickfila purchases, but they sure were good. I wouldn’t be a #Chickfilamom if I didn’t eat there way too much!

Could I have done better this week? Totally. Was I happy to get the sponsored blog post to help support my shopping this week? Heck, yes.

Finally, I’m trying to do better with my meal planning. I’m hoping that will help keep my spending lower. Here is my menu this week:


How did you do this week? And please, tell me what you’d like to see for these posts! More info? Or keep it how it is?