Have you always wanted to try Stitch Fix, but can’t swallow the $20 styling fee? Follow these tips on how to get Stitch Fix for free. The personal styling service is fun and easy, but it’s not the best for budget minded people. These tips will help you save money and even get free Stitch Fix. I am a Stitch Fix affiliate so the links are affiliate links. 

How to get Stitch Fix for Free FB

First off, let me make sure you understand how Stitch Fix works:

  • You sign up for an account and take a survey to help a personal stylist understand your style preferences.
  • Choose how often you’d like to receive a Stitch Fix.
  • Pay $20 for a styling fee and wait for your box of 5 items to arrive.
  • Once you get your package you have the choice to keep some, all, or none of the items in your box.
  • If you decide to buy something you can apply your $20 styling fee to your purchase. Buy all 5 items you get 25% off the retail price.
  • Don’t buy anything and you lose your $20 styling fee.

For me, the hardest thing to deal with is the $20 styling fee. I hate losing $20 if I decide not to buy anything. You know I like my freebies! That’s why I’ve come up with some great ways to get my styling fee for free and get Stitch Fix for free. Now if I don’t love any of the items, I send them all back and don’t lose a penny. Even better, if I like an item I get it for $20 off the Stitch Fix price.

Here are my Secrets to getting a Free Stitch Fix

How to get Stitch Fix for Free. Find out out to get Stitch Fix Credits and Free Stitch Fix

1. Sign up for Stitch Fix and invite friends

Right now head to Stitch Fix and set up your account.

Go to the referral program page, find your referral code and share with your friends. For every friend that signs up, you will receive $25 Stitch Fix credit!

Right now you can get a $25 credit if you sign up through a friends referral. Click here to take advantage of it and get your $25 credit! 

Share the code on social media too! Tweet it and Facebook it. Chances are that you know someone who has always wanted to try it.

Stitch Fix for less. Or free

2. Search for Stitch Fix giveaways on Twitter

This is the biggest way to get Stitch Fix for free. Go to Twitter and search #StitchFix. Scroll through the tweets and find bloggers and influencers that are giving away a free credit.

In fact, I’m going to give away a $20 credit to one lucky reader. Make sure to enter my Stitch Fix giveaway at the end of this post!

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When I just did this I found at least 15 current giveaways for random amounts starting at $20 and going all the way up to $400! Enter all the giveaways. Many times you will find small bloggers with a little audience giving these away to increase traffic. Your chances of winning are actually pretty high!

3. Follow Stitch Fix affiliates on Facebook and Twitter

Every so often Stitch Fix will give affiliates a deal where they can share codes for a free Stitch Fix or Stitch Fix credit. No promotions going on right now, but you never know when it will happen!

I’m a Stitch Fix affiliate and I love sharing freebies like this on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Make sure you are following so you can get the best deals right away!

While these tips won’t get you hundreds of dollars worth of Stitch Fix clothes, they can help you have fun with the service without paying the styling fee. I’ve been using Stitch Fix for several years and have only paid the styling fee maybe twice. The real secret is to only buy what you love. Even though I’ve used the service for years, I’ve only bought two items the entire time. For me, it’s more about the fun of getting a package of clothes styled just for me.

How to get Stitch Fix for free. Get your styling fee waived and even learn how to make money with free Stitch Fix. #StitchFix #fashion #clothes #budget