Check out my favorite potty training tip! Make car rides easier when potty training by making this DIY Piddle Pad. Save money by making your own instead of buying one!

Make your own piddle pad for car rides during potty training-2

Potty training isn’t easy, right? Don’t make it harder on yourself by staying home all the time. Try making this DIY piddle pad that will help keep your car seat protected during outings.

I can’t tell you how many times my boys have peed in their car seats during potty training. A good friend of mine bought these Piddle Pads from Amazon and I really wanted them. Then I had a thought… could I make my own? I had already made my own mattress protector with this nighttime potty training hack. Why not try making my own Piddle Pad. Sure enough, it worked!

Make your own Piddle Pad for car rides during potty training

How to make your own Piddle Pad

Materials: PUL Fabric and scissors

Directions: Cut a piece of fabric that is one foot by two feet, cut a slit for the seat belt and you are good to go.

I already had the PUL on hand from making my mattress protectors so this little craft saved me ten bucks!

Make your own Piddle Pad for potty training

Since this DIY version doesn’t have sides like the real Piddle Pad, it won’t contain huge preschooler accidents, however it’s perfect for young toddler sized bladders.  It’s also been pretty great for our beach and pool trips.

It can be used to protect car seats all the time if you want!

Make your own piddle pad square

Looking for other ways to protect your car? I also love this seat protector from Amazon. If I could find a way to make a DIY version I would!