As a minimalist and a cheapskate, buying souvenirs isn’t something I do often. That’s why I love making DIY Christmas ornaments from free things obtained during our travels. For years, I would justify buying Christmas ornaments at Disney because they are souvenirs that don’t turn into clutter. Then I realized how easy it is to make my own ornaments from the free buttons. It only takes a couple minutes to turn those free Disney buttons into DIY Christmas ornaments!

DIY Christmas ornament from Disney World celebration button

Is it too early to write a DIY Christmas Ornament post?

I realize that it’s super early to be writing Christmas themed content, but y’all, I can’t help myself. I already see people pinning tutorials on Christmas ornaments so I figured, why not write this? I’ve been wanting to write this post since we got this Incredibles button during our Disney trip over the summer.

Robert with the Incredibles pin in Epcot

Cast members were giving out these buttons as we entered the parks because it was the day that Incredibles 2 was released. I love getting free stuff at Disney, especially the buttons. Limited release buttons are officially my favorite now!

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What are Disney buttons and where to find them?

The Disney buttons are typically called Celebration Buttons because there are 4 different buttons for celebrations:

  • 1st Visit
  • “I’m Celebrating”
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happily Ever After

Disney buttons are free souvenirs given out by cast members. You can find them at the following locations:

  • Guest services
  • Shops in the park
  • Disney World Resorts

We love to get the buttons almost any time we visit, even if we aren’t officially celebrating something! It’s great because we almost always visit near a holiday, birthday, or anniversary so it’s fun to grab a button to commemorate the occasions.

first visit to Disney World button

How to turn your free Disney button into a Christmas ornament

It’s easy peasy, folks. This isn’t the kind of DIY ornament that takes a lot of supplies and even more time. Nope, I was able to make this in 30 seconds with kids running around the house clamoring for my attention. I’m telling you, this is the best kind of craft! You’ll end up feeling accomplished and crafty without all the hassle of setting up, cleaning up, or taking forever to finish the project.

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Supplies for a DIY Christmas ornament made from a Disney button

You don’t need much at all to make a cute Disney ornament for your tree.

Supplies for DIY Disney button ornament:

Turn a Disney pin into a Christmas ornament

You can get super creative with the ribbon and try to match it to your pin. Or you could make it Christmas themed. I’m a fan of basic stuff so I usually stick with black and white or red.

I suggest grosgrain ribbon over satin because it holds up better to the heat of the hot glue gun.

How to make your Disney button DIY Christmas ornament

Once your supplies are assembled, all you need to do is attach the ribbon to the bin.

  1. Cut 4 inches of ribbon
  2. Loop it around where the edges of the same side are on top of each other
  3. Secure with hot glue and attach to the back of the pin
  4. Use a permanent marker to write the year and any special memories
  5. Add to your tree and enjoy!

Turn a Disney button into a Christmas ornament

Enjoy your free Disney ornament

There you have it! Follow these easy tips and you’ll have a free Disney ornament. If you go often enough, you may even end up with an entire tree of Disney pins. Maybe you shouldn’t go overboard!

If you don’t love DIY Christmas ornaments for your main tree, you may want to make these for a smaller tree in your kids’ rooms or playroom. Our kids love looking at DIY ornaments!

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How to turn Disney celebration buttons into DIY Christmas ornaments

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What’s your favorite DIY ornament idea?