Wente Vineyards asked me to share a pivotal moment in my life that changed me for the better. While I have had many pivotal moments in my life, the wine aspect of this assignment inspired me to write about why I became a food and travel blogger. This is perfect timing for this post because I’m on a press trip to Cabo to photograph food at a resort!

Wente Wine Morning Fog Chardonnay

My Inspiration to be a Food and Travel Blogger

When Tom and I were planning our wedding we were completely broke. In fact we were more than completely broke. We were both in graduate school which meant that we were beyond broke, we were paying money to go to school and taking out loans to live. Even though we had no money we were determined to have a kick ass wedding that we could pay for ourselves.

To make ends meet and to pay for our wedding, I worked nights and weekends at a wine bar. I went from drinking wine to get drunk to appreciating wine for the complexity and flavors it can bring out in food. My boss would give me opened bottles of wine she didn’t sell to take home at the end of my shift. The free wine changed me. It made me appreciate everything about really good food and wine.

One night while Tom and I were drinking one of those free bottles of wine he asked me what I would do if I could do anything as a job. I knew I hated teaching, I wasn’t sold on my environmental science masters, but I knew I had a passion for food, wine, and travel. I jokingly told him I’d love to be a food and travel writer.

He told me to go for it. Five years of blogging and I finally got up the nerve to post my own recipes on my blog. Two years after that and I got up the nerve to jump into travel. All the while still enjoying my favorite wines such as Wente Vineyards.

Now I get to go to really cool places like Cabo San Lucas and take pictures of food and wine (follow my social media channels for up to date info on this press trip).

Seared Tuna at Hacienda Encantada

While I don’t pour myself a glass of wine when I’m pregnant, I do always still keep wine in the house. I find it essential to have on hand for guests and gifts. Instead of drinking this fabulous bottle of Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay, I gifted it to a friend who just had her fourth baby. I know she’s going to need it!

Wente Wine Chardonnay

I hope she finds as much inspiration from a glass of good wine as I do. One glass of good wine can change your life. I do believe it changed mine!

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