Time for another “Is it worth the money?” post! These are some of my favorite posts not only because people seem to enjoy them but also because I get to be completely candid. If you’ve ever wondered if Athletic Republic sports performance training is worth the money then you are in the right place! I had the chance to visit the Naples location and I’m so excited to share my thoughts.

Athletic Republic worth the money

What is Athletic Republic?

Athletic Republic is a franchised sports training and fitness facility for adults and youth. The methods used are backed by science and data and have been used for over 30 years of training young athletes. This innovative sports training concept was founded in 1990 by the late John Frappier. The brand’s use of science-based protocols and specialized training equipment have helped nearly two million athletes of all ages achieve their goals, by improving their speed, power, agility, strength, and stability.

You can learn the full story here.

My Experience at the Naples Athletic Republic

I loved getting to visit the Athletic Republic location in Naples, FL.

While all the methods are great for serious athletes, the most amazing part to me is that the facility works with small groups (cap of 7) of young athletes ages 7 and up to work on the basics of neuromuscular training. I know this sounds technical, but the trainers work with kids to help them send the right brain signals to other parts of their body.

Oh, and did I mention that if the location has adult classes at the same time as youth classes, adults can work out at the same time!?

This is a game changer.

No more putting your 7 year old in front of a screen while you go to the gym. This is such a great way for families to stay fit and active together!

We know athletes wall at Athletic Republic in Naples, FL

How much is Athletic Republic?

Like most franchises, prices will vary based on location.

My local Athletic Republic is in Naples and has the following rates:

  • Monthly Memberships start at $169 per person and include unlimited classes (with a huge variety of times available for all ages).
  • Session Passes start at $22 when purchased in multiples of 12. Price increases to $30 for a single pass. All passes are valid for 180 days from purchase.

So, is Athletic Republic worth the money?

It really depends on your situation. If your young athlete is in need of more specialized sports lessons then a monthly membership would most definitely be worth the money as private coaches are not cheap. This is a great way to get kids into a more individualized sports setting without hiring a one on one coach. Of course, Athletic Republic does offer one on one sessions too!

Is Athletic Republic worth the money

I think the session passes at Athletic Republic are a great deal!

Twenty two dollars for an hour long sports training class that is offered inside with air conditioning seems like a steal to me. The average cost of dance lessons in America is $16, gymnastics is $18, and martial arts is $40.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your athletic kid involved in a science based sports training program and have the budget for these classes, then I say this is a great fit.

The Naples Athletic Republic is currently offering camps for kids

Check with your local Athletic Republic to see if they offer camps for kids when they are out of school! Our local Athletic Republic has a great selection of holiday camps and clinics. I can’t wait to see if they offer some over the summer too.

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