Want to try your hand at gardening but think you have too much of a black thumb? You aren’t alone! Gardening is no easy task, and like everything else in life, it gets easier with practice and education. The Leaf’d Box Education Kit is designed not only to deliver high quality plants to your doorstep, but to teach you how to grow the plants as well.

Leaf'd box garden review

Gardening can be hard- not with Leaf’d Box Education Kit

I love to garden. I could spend all day tinkering in my garden. I’ve been gardening for 15+ years now and I still learn new things almost every day.

That is the beauty of nature! It’s also one of the pitfalls.

If you plant something in the wrong place or at the wrong time of the year then you run the risk of losing your investment. Sometimes I feel like gardening is similar to gambling.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Gardening can be easy if you know what to do. That is why I love the Leaf’d Box Education Kit. The kit comes with a subscription to a 10 week online course designed around what is in your box.

Not only have I loved it, the kids really got into it too.

What makes Leaf’d so unique in the garden and plant subscription box arena?

Unlike most garden and plant subscription boxes, Leaf’d doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to figuring out how to tend to your garden.

You also get a choice in what kind of garden you want to plant. You take a little quiz that determines the type of garden that works best for your level of expertise and your growing area.

From there you get to pick a price point. You can pick a small, medium, or large plant kit.

Leaf'd packages

Are there any cons to the Leaf’d Box?

Honestly, no! I love every little thing about my Leaf’d Education Box.

But if I wanted to be nit picky then I’d say that I hate that these plants had to fly from California to meet me in Florida. I’m a big fan of supporting the local economy and buying my plants from local nurseries.

That being said, not everyone has stellar local nurseries. And those nurseries don’t always offer amazing educational services.

I think it is always a great idea to pop into your local nursery to see what they have. If you can’t find it or feel overwhelmed, Leaf’d is a great place to start! Once again, it can be a big blow to your wallet to buy a bunch of plants or seeds only to have them die. With Leaf’d, you have the online support! I love that.

Leaf'd Education Kit-4

Not interested in the online classes? You can opt for a regular Leaf’d subscription

I love the online class option! However, I realize that it isn’t for everyone. Some don’t have the time while others don’t need it.

If you find yourself intrigued but don’t want the Leaf’d Education Kit you can opt for a seasonal or annual subscription of plants suited to your needs.

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Leaf'd box review

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