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Why I upgraded my grocery store routine

As a frugal living blogger I can be pretty tough on myself when I spend too much money, especially when I spend too much on groceries. I was a hard core couponer for so long that I have a hard time spending a lot of money on groceries. After years of spending $60-75 for a week’s worth of groceries, it’s disappointing when I spend over $100.

At least I felt that way until I did the food dessert challenge and was forced to eat processed foods for 3 days. Once I was able to eat fresh foods again, I couldn’t stop!  It made me loosen up a bit about how much I was spending on groceries.

The fact is that quality food typically costs more. I realize this isn’t always the case. I still think it’s crazy how much potato chips cost these days! It’s actually cheaper for me to snack on carrots and hummus than chips every week. But when it comes to meals, it’s definitely more expensive to eat healthy.

While it’s more expensive, it’s also so much better! I feel healthier and happier when I’m eating real food. That’s why I’ve officially upgraded my grocery routine.

Here’s my new and improved routine that allows me to spend roughly $150 on groceries each week.

  1. I spend about 30 minutes checking my favorite grocery store websites for their weekly produce sales.
  2. Next, I plan my menu based off those produce sales.
  3. Then I go to at least 2 grocery stores a week to get the best deals (these change weekly for me)
  4. Finally, I add a warehouse store run into the routine every other week.

What’s changed?

This looks pretty similar to my old routine, right? The main thing that has changed is that I have stopped looking at the processed food sales. I’m limiting our processed foods to one snack a week (usually a granola bar), whole grain cereal, and the occasional frozen food such as pizza for when we need a quick dinner.

I’m putting most of my grocery sale research effort into produce. Yes, I’m spending more, but I’m spending more on really delicious and healthy foods.

This guy loves helping me pick out healthy foods at the grocery store!

Robert helping me grocery shop

Another upgrade

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Clear Care Plus

CLEAR CARE® PLUS is preservative free. That’s the main reason I use it. My eye doctor says I need to not use contact solution with preservatives. I also love the bubbles! It’s so cool that you can actually see the bubbles working.

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