Looking for a fun way to incorporate Star Wars into Valentine’s Day? Try making these printable Darth Vader Valentines. Together, your favorite Star Wars fan and Darth Vader can rule the galaxy!

Print your own awesome Darth Vader Valentines for Valentine's Day. Star Wars Valentines are the way to go!

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These Printable Darth Vader Valentine’s Day cards make me so happy!

As a long time Star Wars fan, I’m over the moon that my kids love the movies too.

It makes me even happier to know that they love it enough to request Star Wars Valentines. For the last 4 years, I’ve given out some version of a Star Wars Valentine’s Day card.

The Darth Vader ones especially make me happy because they pair so well with the rulers. This pack of 30 rulers is a great price!

Last year we made these Valentines. Remember? Click here to get them.

Robert's Star Wars Valentines

I loved them, but I really wanted to do a little something different this year. So I kept the same image, but focused only on Darth Vader.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these free printable Star Wars Valentines

Once I printed them, I cut them into squares, cut slits at the bottom and the top, and slid in rulers.  Robert had fun deciding which color ruler to put on each Valentine!

Print your own Star Wars Valentine Darth Vader Valentine

Download the Darth Vader Valentine Printable Here

Want to make your own? Download the free printable —–> Click here to print a PDF version.

Get even more Star Wars Valentine’s Day Printables

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Darth Vader Valentines