Do you need some ideas on how to update your living room? I just updated ours and I love it. Check out my tips for easy ways to update your living room on a budget.

Easy living room update

It’s taken us a long time to decorate our living room because we haven’t had the money to put into it. Now that Max is here and nursing non-stop, I find that I’m sitting in the living room a lot. Since I’ve been spending more time on my couch I really wanted my living room to feel more lived in so I made a few budget friendly updates that have made all the difference.

Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

1. Add Plants

Plants are my favorite budget friendly way to decorate a home. I say budget because it’s cheaper to add a plant than to buy furniture, but don’t be fooled, our fiddle leaf fig is more expensive than most of my other living room decor. There is almost as much pressure to keep the plant alive as there is to keep Baby Max alive!

It’s worth it though! I love the wow factor of adding a plant to a room. We recently added a couple more plants to our living room and it’s definitely brightened up our house.

2. Upgrade the Carpets and Rugs

Changing out carpets and rugs is such a great way to change the look of a room on a tight budget. You can completely change the look of a room with one simple swap.

I just added this washable rug from the ELLE Décor Collection on to my back door entry way and I’m in love. The color ties in to our new hanging pictures and it’s super durable. It’s washable which is perfect for life with three kiddos! What’s not to like?

The navy looks really good with the rest of our living room furniture. It was a very nice upgrade from my old worn out rug that was threadbare!

3. Hang Pictures

I’m a big fan of art work that means something. I can’t just buy some random art work and hang it up. If it’s on my wall, it should mean something to me.

After two years of living here, we finally hung up some pictures in our living room. I took 3 of the pictures, and found the other one online. All four images mean something to us. The one I didn’t take is of Millsaps college where Tom and I went to college. The other three I took myself. One is of the stairs in a lighthouse that Robert and I climbed together in Daytona Beach, another is of the Hemingway house in Key West- a place Tom and I have traveled together, and another is of the Sea of Cortez in Cabo.

Hung together they really tie in the colors of our living room. The green chair is a hand me down from family. The table and chair from Wayfair, frames from Target, and greenery from Trader Joe’s.

4. Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

You can easily change out pillows and blankets to change the color scheme of your living room and completely change the feel. Right now I’m really into gray so I’m loving these pillows and throw blanket (pillow cases from Ikea and blanket from Wayfair).

5. Add Family

The best accessory you can put in your living room is your family!

It’s been so nice to spend more time in our living room and actually feel at home. For so long it’s felt bare, but now my family and I can sit in there and feel completely comfortable. It’s a good feeling.

What are your favorite tips for home decor on a budget. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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