Thank you Ford for sponsoring this post!

I’ve never been a car lover. Which is why it’s pretty funny that I’m writing a post titled, “The Making of a Car Lover.” If you’d told me 10 years ago, heck even a year ago, that I’d be a “car person,” I would have called you crazy.

Yet, here I am with a picture of me sitting happily in a brand new 2018 Ford Eco Sport. I owe my new interest in the car industry to blogging conferences. Pretty odd, right?

I’m the type of person who loses a hubcap and doesn’t replace it until 3 year later. I’m also the type of person who swears she will never buy a new car because I love the value of used ones. So when Ford was  the keynote speaker at a recent conference, I wasn’t thrilled. That is, until I heard what they had to say.

I first heard the Ford futurist talk at Florida Blog Con. I just knew all she was going to talk about was cars. Turns out, a futurist does so much more than work in the car business. She talked all about trends that we as global citizens can expect to see in the next 100 years. I’m not just talking about American trends, I’m talking about every trend across the world. One of them being how global citizens are concerned about the environment. Immediately I loved that Ford is working to become more environmentally friendly.

Since I enjoyed the futurist at Florida Blog Con so much, I was actually excited to hear what the speaker from Ford at the Traveling Mom retreat had to say. This time the topic was about how Ford is making cars safer for families. Some Traveling Moms were able to test drive the cars to the retreat and they noticed that the cars would tell you when you needed to take a break. The speaker told us that the cars can actually sense when you’re not focusing on the road or driving well anymore. Then it urges you to take a break. Pretty crazy, right?

The new 2018 Ford Expedition is so family friendly that you can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in there.

We completed a challenge where we got all the suitcases, pool noodles, beach balls and 5 people inside. It’s that roomie.

While I’m not a current Ford owner or in the position to buy one soon, I really appreciate everything that Ford does. Two speakers changed the way I view cars. I no longer think of them just as a necessity to get places. I now think of how cars are designed and why. I also think of how cars safely transport my family to the places we love to travel. I have a whole new outlook on the car industry and I have Ford (and blogging conferences) to thank for that.

I’m also a little Ford obsessed because Henry Ford had his winter home in Fort Myers, pretty close to where I live in Naples. It’s pretty cool to have strong Ford ties in Florida!

Are you a car lover? I’d love to hear what you think about the car industry!