Happy Friday!

TGIF, amiright?

This week has flown by for me because I’ve been in Fort Wayne for a press trip for most of the work week. It’s been a fun week full of exploring Fort Wayne, binging on Netflix, and brainstorming for my boys’ joint birthday party coming up on Tuesday!

Fort Wayne Highlights

I promise to go into full detail about Fort Wayne soon. I’ll write up a few posts for Traveling Mom, and I’ll put a couple fun posts here on this site. For now, I just want to give you a few of the highlights.

I’m quickly becoming a big fan of press trips. It’s like going away to summer camp, but with travel writers. There is almost always someone I’ve met before, a few new faces, and a few people I’ve seen online, but never met. By the end of the trip I’ve made a bunch of new friends. This group was especially fun for some reason. I think I have to owe it to our group leaders because made the whole trip fun.

Be warned: I’m writing this late at night before I have to get up for an early flight. Please forgive all bad grammar and typos as I’ve already decided I will not edit this before bed! 

Everything we did was fun, but here are the highlights:

Shopping the Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale

I was expecting the entire room to be filled with big bold patterns. I was pleased to find that Vera makes a lot of other products too. The best part of the sale is that everything is over 50% off retail price. I ended up getting a $158 bag for $68!

A snack at Yummi Bunni’s

I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Feast your eyes on this beauty.

The Botanical Conservatory

Everything was beautiful at the botanical gardens. Even the artwork was eye popping.

The flowers stole the show, which is no surprise.

Even though we were there for botanics, we couldn’t pass up the option to visit the butterflies. I loved catching this shot.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art

This glass artwork was my favorite piece of art from the Museum of Art. I learned that glass art was the very first American form of art that we created ourselves without the influence of our ancestors. Pretty cool, right?

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Close your eyes and pretend to walk through the last zoo you visited. Now imagine going with a kid. Would you have to pick up the child so they could see the animals?

That doesn’t happen at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. All exhibits are at eye level for children. Talk about a great way for moms to save their backs, right? This proud guy and his family wander around the zoo freely!

Science Central

Not to be confused with a science museum, Science Central calls itself a “science center” where kids (and adults) can be an active part of science.

The Genealogy Center

I learned a few interested facts about my family history during my tour of The Genealogy Center.

  1. I may have a Great Aunt Jemima. No kidding.
  2. My mom’s side of the family came from Germany and Holland. She never knew that!

Souder & Son’s General Store and Coffee Cabin

We took a little trip into the past when we walked into the general store.

My favorite quote from the manager was, “we had farm house decor before it was popular”. While I loved the decor and old fashioned candy, I was more excited about the coffee shop where I picked up some hot chocolate.


As always I enjoyed all the food. My favorite food stop was Tolon’s where we sampled all sorts of goodies.

deviled eggs | miso | sriracha | jowl bacon | scallion | sesame

twice cooked pork belly | refried heirloom beans | chorizo | goat cheese crema | radish | chicharron

“god’s butter” | roasted bone marrow | salsa verde | onion jam | duck fat toast

We also checked out a brewery, Gnometown Brewing company where I lamely ordered a non-alcoholic beer for this picture and didn’t even drink it.

Luckily I don’t actually miss drinking alcohol while pregnant. If I did, I would have been in trouble at the brewery because they have a great selection. You can even brew your own beer!

Obsessed with 13 Reasons Why

It’s been a bit difficult to work when getting back to my room this week because all I want to do is watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I’m only 2 episodes away from the end. If you’ve ever enjoyed reading young adult books, this is a great show for you. BTW- why do I feel like a teenage girl recommending this to you?

Prepping for these parties!

Only a few days away from our big little #DisneyKids play date birthday party. I’m having a hard time finding the balance between throwing an easy party and one that photographs well for the blog. I want to successfully show you how to put together a Mickey themed party effortlessly, but it’s meaning a bit of effort on my part to put it all together.

Cake pop experiments

I did finally figure out a substitute for the cake balls I blogged about last week. Stay tuned to see how the party comes together!

Cheers to the weekend!