It’s been a fun week over here, and I am so sad that Halloween is over.

We had lots of Halloween parties (3 total),


went trick or treating,


bought some Halloween sale items (check out my budget holiday decor tips here),

how to get the best holiday decor on sale

and even started Christmas shopping!

I bought a few items on Amazon with gift cards to get a head start on Christmas shopping for the boys. I’m holding strong to buying one present a week. It was especially nice to buy both of these through gift cards that I got through blogging. This is what I got this week (both are affiliate links):

A Little Tikes Soccer Goal




and Mix it Up


I’m so excited about both of these presents! I think Santa will leave them for the boys to share.

I got a little treat in the mail from a friend, Nicole, who sells Posh products. It was so nice to get a little treat!  I’m trying some now and I’ll save the rest for my own stocking stuffers.


As for the rest of our budget, we did pretty well even though we hosted 3 Halloween get togethers. All of them were potluck style so we didn’t even go over budget for food this week! Gotta love potlucks!

Food Waste Friday

The only downside to potlucks is all the food waste. We wasted a good bit of food this week, especially dips. I hate eating food that has been left out for hours. I can handle an hour, but 3 is a little too much!

I don’t have pictures of the wasted food, but here is a recap:

half eaten salsa, half eaten hummus, and the very end of some guacamole.

We did do well eating a lot of the leftovers from our parties! We had pumpkin chili for days.

pumpkin chili with butternut squash

In loan news, we are in the one thousands this week. At this point we will have it paid off by December 15th! How exciting! We will probably buy a little less for the boys this year in order to make this happen.

How did you do this week?